script sources

This is an added process to some of the suggestions in my book on how to get to “authenticity” by perusing the scripts in your life.

Make a list of your inclinations, biases, beliefs, traits, habits, assumptions, ambitions, fears, doubts, wants. Then while looking at each item on that list, let your mind wander to the history and actions of that item. I would venture that as you do this, images of people, friends, family, teachers, mentors will come to mind. Enactments will unfold in your memory. The source of, or influences of, that item will begin to emerge. Positive or negative feelings will attach to each item. Soon enough, you will begin to construct a scenario of the birth of that item. For some items on the list, you may have no such script unfold. You may have found an intrinsic item that somehow came naturally to your self. That may be a sign of its natural authenticity to your personality. It is a personal characteristic that may have always been with you. That’s an important discovery. This level of scrutiny would be on the psycho-therapeutic level.

Doing this same analysis on those personal components that are part of our adult accumulation, such as political and social beliefs, would be more on the conscious and logical assessment. For example, what is my position on guns, on gay rights or gay marriage, on immigration? How did I come to those? What are my beliefs on rights of privacy? What are my views on the various political parties? How did I arrive at these positions? Reviewing such areas and asking these questions will lead you to the various scripts and their authors that have probably lead you to your beliefs and positions. Deciding whether you willingly came to these belief scenarios, or you whether you were lead to them and molded, will bring you face-to-face with the dangers of media and story writers influencing your beliefs rather than those beliefs rising up out of your own private mind and thinking process. Be harsh in this process. It is very difficult to discern the difference. Don’t settle this hash too easily or quickly. Be honest. This is the anvil of authenticity. This is the pivot point where you can make a difference in your search for the True Self.

We live in a world of very divisive issues. These issues divide families, friends and colleagues. Examine your biases brashly. Don’t protect your Ego. The goal is to find your authentic self. Be ruthless. Get to the core. Slough off the acquired cant. Don’t relent till you feel you have found your own one true core. You will be happier, more amenable, and live easier and more securely in a world that would bend you to their will. Good Luck!



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