the world as an authentic or inauthentic construct

My book essentially deals with authenticity of the person. In this continuing blog, as an extension of the book, I would like to explore the dilemma of an inauthentic construct external to the individual, that of the world itself. This dilemma adds difficulty to the search for authenticity, but at the same time allows for a more comprehensive solution to authenticity. There are several areas of external constructs: your workplace, a corporation, a school or university, a country, or the world. Let’s start with the world. Stay with me on this one, it gets a little complicated.

The world as concept is so vast that any hope of an objective view is slim. Yet, each of us functions within a concept of “the world”. You may not have thought much about this, but as this entry encourages, you do have such a view, you do operate within that view, but you may not be fully conscious of it, and you may not have created that view out of your own making. Your “world view”, your “weltanschauung” may be one that was “scripted” by others.

Your world view is a construct that is more subjective than objective, that is, you may use words like dangerous or fascinating, or crazy or variegated or worse or better rather than objective words like vast, big, getting smaller, global warming, mountainous, disease infested. However you categorize it, the source of your vision and the nature of your vision is important for you to consider. The real world does exist outside of you. Accessing that vast external world is difficult. The more “real” world is the one that exists in your head, and the one in which you live and function for the most part and particularly in your decision making. If, by virtue of reading my book, you have come to doubt your own personal authenticity, then adding the possibility of an inauthentic vision of the external world doubly complicates your life. At best, any weltanschauung is a composite of some accurate, external, objective facts on the world and a host of internal, subjective values associated to your view of the world.

You probably came to the first views of the world outside of you in your childhood. And those are hard to shake. Sometime, in those early years, you formed a view, for example, that the world was either safe or hostile. Your parents and random events were the first causes of your “world-view”. You need to examine those early experiences and mark them down as components of your world-view. By making them conscious, you have a better chance of altering them or minimizing their impact.

Reconciling these various sources and views is important for a functioning and practical world-view that serves you well in your daily life. Having a dysfunctional world-view will only add to the bad choices you would make from having a dysfunctional and inauthentic Self. Let’s explore this dilemma by bringing it more local and less vast and abstract as the whole world. Let’s examine the most immediate of your external world, your workplace.

Your workplace is the first and most immediate layer of the external world. If you have a mistaken and misread view of this near term world, each day when you go to work, you will make a variety of mistakes and blunders that will lead to no good. On your first day at work, these may be many and apparent. As you settle in, they get less and more manageable. But, and this is not uncommon, if you have settled into a vision of your workplace that is flawed and unconsciously incorrect, your problems will become chronic and destructive. This is obviously compounded if your whole world-view is flawed.

To complicate matters, your incorrect vision of your workplace, your corporate culture, may not be only yours. I would make the case, that it is not uncommon for the entire company, including the CEO, to have an incorrect vision of the company. Management itself may be managing the “incorrect vision” rather than the true company. They are managing the simulacrum that they have probably invented, and not the real company that they once embarked upon. I will write a separate post on corporations as inauthentic simulacra.

You have “scripted” the world in which you think you live, and others have “scripted” the world in which you think you live. That amalgam must be examined and understood. You have less influence on the totality of this vision, but you need to have a conscious and objective clarity about this construct for you to function successfully and energetically. After working on your own internal authenticity of Self, you must explore the authenticity of your Weltanschauung.



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