More on political theater

I want to add some further thoughts to my last post. It finished with “see through and beyond the scripts they write for us.” I would like to list some specific scripts. The crux of my book (“see my book
) is this very issue: we are surrounded by people and social forces that would write and script our lives rather than doing that for ourselves. Here I would isolate the scripts that our political parties attempt to write for us. Without partisanship, here is a brief list of some of these scripted narratives each party would have us believe:

The Dems: “The War on Women” script. “The Income Inequality” script “The White Man’s Guilt” script. “The Everything PC” script.

The Repubs: “The Founding Fathers” script.

You can see some imbalance above. I do think the Democratic party is much more prone to campaigning on narratives than is the Republican party. The Dems put almost all issues before the public as “scripts”. It is their way of interfacing with the voters. The Republicans tend to intellectualize and explain their positions and try to persuade and convince the voters. Narratives, stories, scripts have more power, particularly for the low information voter. The Dems know that framing an issue as a storyline holds interest and is more persuasive than a complicated explanation of all the pros and cons. Unfortunately, the world we now live in is complicated. Almost all the Dem narratives are an over-simplification. The general population does not have a long attention span, does not tolerate complicated explanations and presentations. The Democrats and the Republicans each know their constituencies. Simplistic scripts like “the war on women” play well to the Democratic audience. A few simple brushstrokes of “proof” are sufficient. A deeper analysis would negate the script, but who wants to be bothered. The aimed for audience becomes the aimed for result.

Ideally, here I would like to convince the reluctant thinker to reject all simplistic scripts any or all pols would have you believe. Can that be done? It would take more than this post. If others could drum this “revelation” into the consciousness of the general public, we might recreate some free will and independence of thought. Don’t try to defeat each narrative, but simply point out repeatedly that over-simplistic “scripts” are how the pols try to lure us and that not accepting the lie is the first line of independence and self-respect.

It is not my purpose here to deconstruct each of the various “scripts” of both parties. But if the voters could begin to see that scripts are all around us, they would vote more impartially and freely just as they would be more personally authentic in their everyday life if they did not let others write their daily lives for them. Being free from political narratives is only a part of our whole pursuit of authenticity. Being free of all “scripts” is the goal. But if by November, the public could cast aside the “script-writers” and look beyond and find truth and subtlety and vote accordingly we would have a much more valid and functional outcome.

One example: discovering that there is no “war on women”. It’s a made up sham. It’s a bedside story. Life is simply more complicated than that. Sorry, but it is. You have to think a little bit. You have to be your own person. If you think women are less accepted in the world, examine that issue and vote accordingly, but there is no “war on women”. That is a sham narrative invented by the Democrats to get your vote with a simplistic “script”. Reject all script-writers, Democrat or Republican. Reject all scripts, from all sources, who would seek to manipulate you. That is your road to “authenticity” as a voter in November and a person beyond. Scripts by others are anathema to your well-being. Be your own person! Start by rejecting all “scripts” that attempt to make you vote one way or the other. Make up your own mind. Find the joy in thinking an issue through. And beyond November, do the same with the entire world around you that seeks to make you a supporting character in their “grand narrative plays and scripts”



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