Yesterday I heard Rush Limbaugh ask the question:  “Why is Obama doing all these fundraisers?  He’s not running for re-election.  He’s not campaigning for fellow Democrats.”

Here’s the answer:  Remember the Peter Principles?  One says, “We all get promoted to the point of incompetence.”  This renders the image of that person sitting behind a big new desk, door closed, half giggling, half shaking.  Giggling because they pulled it off.  Shaking because of the fear of being found out.

Obama has been found out.  Obama knew how to get the job.  He just doesn’t know how to do the job.  He just knows how to run for election.  And he has proved to be very VERY good at that.  Just ask Hilary and Mitt.

Cut to the present.  There’s POTUS behind the big desk.  His IN basket overflowing.  His OUT basket empty.  The failures and debacles, now in a second term, are too many to any longer hide or deny.  So what does he do?  What is his recourse from all this evidence of failure?  Go out and do what he does best.  Campaign!  But, oops, he’s not running.  And none of his party, who is running, wants him at his or her side either.  What to do?  What to do? Fundraise!  For whom?  I don’t know.  Just FundRaise!  It’s faux campaigning.  He’s not fund raising.  He doesn’t care about the money.  He just wants that hyper-adrenaline theatrical moment when he stands in front of an adoring audience and struts his stuff. Call it a fund raiser. Call it whatever you want. He just wants to get on Air Force One.  Go somewhere.  Bound down those steps like an all-star athlete, and fall into the arms of the adulating public.  And who is that waning remaining public?  Hollywood (Gweneth), Fashion (Wintour). These are the crowds that understand theater.  This is the Obama Medicine Show come to town.  Put up my teleprompter. Turn on the cameras. It’s faux-campaigning time. It’s OBAMARAMA!

He has to escape DC.  It reeks of failure.  He has to be on the road.  That’s what he knows.  That’s what he is good at.  Campaigning validated him.  We all do it.  When failure dogs us, we revert to doing whatever we know succeeds, even if it is no longer relevant.  It’s a neurotic reflex.  He must do it.  To sit in the Oval Office and face failure is crushing.  He is simply overwhelmed.  He literally doesn’t know how to do it.  He never had such responsibilities. So he reverts to what he knows. He reverts to his venue of success. He “campaigns”.

He is a sad figure.  A compulsive campaigner.  He loves the stump.  His venues have shrunk.  He’s now playing rural towns, obscure colleges, small houses.  Literally, private houses, with $30,000 plates.  But he gets the chance once more to flash that big smile, drop his “g’s” and wow a room of adoring faces.  It validates him.  It energizes.  It re-charges. He can go back to DC with a little edge and fight on a bigger stage.  But crisis and failure will haunt him again.  Once more, he will take to the road.  He must!  It is his refuge.  Like the sad clown with the painted smile, he goes on in the face of failure.  He is driven to do it. He is driven, but I don’t know if the Republic can stand and survive two more years of this charade.  The problems and crises may be too great.

The mid-terms should be a rout for the Republicans.  Maybe they can assemble an agenda and administer to the assembling ills.  We hope.

In the meantime, we are sad witness to Obamarama, the traveling medicine show, with the familiar potions that cure nothing.

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6 thoughts on “Obamarama

  1. Wow, I never thought of why he is still campaigning in that sense, but you’re right it is human nature to revert to what we know. Makes sense that he seeks refuge away from Washington where he should be facing the problems. I also feel bad for all the people around him who are having to pick up the slack without letting on. Whenever the Emporer is naked there’s usually a bunch of people found double time to cover. Although in today’s current events it’s hard to tell who. But whoever has that duty I do not envy.
    Has there been another President with a similair scenario? Seems like perhaps a first? It is true in the end you almost can feel sad for him , but then that wears off pretty quickly 😉


  2. I for one don’t feel any pity, only disgust. The problem is that the campaign message has always been one of division – economic, social, sexual and yes, disappointingly, even racial. And in following the rules of the Alinsky political playbook, the method of division has been a full court press to demonize and ridicule of the opposition. Endlessly hammering the message has all the divided camps entrenched so deeply that reunifying them seems almost impossible at this point. We have been driven so far apart that there is currently nobody on the political scene or even on the horizon, who has the wide appeal, gravitas and ability to bring together a majority of the country. Meanwhile America grows weaker while her enemies grow stronger. Thanks to political correctness on steroids, the borders are wide open, the military is shackled, the debt balloon is getting ready to burst and the economy is teetering. We can’t even take the obvious steps necessary to stop a horrific, apocalyptic plague from taking hold in the country for fear we might hurt somebody’s feelings. Can the Republic survive two more years of campaigning? I don’t know how.


  3. After a dinner in LA last night. At the bottom of the check was a 3% surcharge titled Health LA. Upon further review there was small print on the receipt that said “We have added a 3% surcharge so that we can provide health care for our Employees.” Aside from the long rant that could ensue…all I can say is “Thanks Obamacare!” What a joke that a restaurant that charges $30+ an entree is now passing on the health care mandate to its paying customers. Are we the employers? No, we are the Patrons coming to a restaurant after working all day so that we can afford our OWN healthcare; not pay for the employees at the restaurant. What a complete an infuriating joke! The restaurant was Hungry Cat, which has a few other locations, so unless you want to live in Communist China and pay for everyone else more than you already are avoid this place. I am guessing there are other restaurants doing this as well; so next time take a close look at your check.


    1. I am thrilled at your outrage. Good for you. There are many places to eat. I’m sure we can find the ones that aren’t passing Obamacare costs through surcharges. Only making good choices will stop the madness!!


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