TSA as Theater

My book”see my book” and this site are primarily focused on the theme of “Life as Theater.”  This happens when what we think is happening is in fact a piece of theater, a dumbshow.  We think something true is going on, and in fact it is the dreaded simulacrum.

The TSA is now one more confirmation of that conflate at work.  The most recent pulling back of the curtain, shows that the failure rate of TSA agents catching “tests” of their skills is 98%.  Knives, explosives and chemicals have gotten by them in 67 out of 70 tries in the latest test.  Clearly, what has been going on for years now is merely theater.  The endless lines, the pat-downs, the xrays, the air puffs, the wands, the stern eye-balls are all mere theatrics.  They catch and prevent nothing.  Its only virtue lies in theater itself.  If we do it well enough, sell its authenticity, and the audience believes it, then it prevents what it seeks to but by unintentional ways.

As theater, the passengers believe they are safe (and they are not).  The terrorists believe they are thwarted (and they are not)  But when the curtain is pulled away, and the wizard is seen as a fraud, and all his machinations merely art, we are back into vulnerable.

We are surrounded by large vast pieces of theater in these modern times.  We have the media to pull it off. We are caught in a CGI template.  Obamacare is essentially theater at this time.  The Middle East is all mostly theater.  No one knows what is really going on anywhere at any time.  We are ramping up to another presidential election.  Each candidate is his or her own theater piece.  No reality.  The Clintons have so many scripts going simultaneously that detecting reality is almost impossible.  The government is imposing dozens of controlling scripts upon the banks and Wall Street.  The banks and Wall Street are pretending to go along.  But beneath all the scripts and pretense, business goes on as unethically as in the past.

The financial condition of the EU is almost completely theater so far.  Ask the vast numbers of unemployed and displaced.  China’s stock markets and real estate are cloaked in theater.   North Korea is almost totally theater much like the USSR of old.  The NSA may yet prove to be theater.  Shall I go on?  Are you convinced?  Keep a cautious eye.

Be vigilant.  Pull back the curtain.  Suspect everything as theater.  Only then will you pry out reality and truth.



2 thoughts on “TSA as Theater

  1. Finally, I get it. Has the simulacrum always existed? In some form? Then, authenticity has always existed? Some would say “the false” and “the true”. A momentous step toward authenticity is to know simply that the simulacrum exists. Is “believing” a tip off that the simulacrum is lurking underfoot?


    1. Your comment reminds me of the film series, The Matrix, which was the mother of all narratives about being caught in a simulacrum. “Believing”… or not…. is everything.


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