The Greek Debt Crisis

The Greek debt crisis makes daily news these days.  They have been on the cusp of compromise or default for months.  It is the EU vs Greece.  How do scripts enter into this political and financial crisis?

First, there is the script of the benevolent socialistic state which has reached the end of its viability.  In Greece, where default on all its debt is near at hand, they have doubled down on that script.  An out of power party promised the populace that they would not cut back on the benevolent state and the voting public bought it and put them in power by democratic election.  That party got elected on the script to the unsophisticated voter, but now can’t deliver.  And they are therefore at an impasse with the EU which demands some fiscal reality.  Without that, the EU threatens to end emergency funding and let Greece drop out of the Euro based EU.  Greece on its own will collapse.

But the most powerful script killer is poverty and hunger.  When the Greek government has to admit it has run out of money, all scripts but one are eviscerated.  When a person, family, city, state or country runs out of money serious things happen.  Unemployment, poverty and hunger ensue.  We speak here in this blog of inauthentic life styles.  Hunger is the one pure authentic existence.  It is real.  It cannot be denied.  It cannot be morphed, by some script, into something it is not.  Hunger just is.  It is a state of being that consumes all of your attention at all times.  In some form or another, this is the state of existence for the majority of the world’s population.  Hunger is the first and/or final authentic script.

Being broke, having no money, is just inches in front of hunger.  When the socialistic countries confront that fact, and Greece is the farthest down that road, they will start to embrace an authentic reality and truth.  (Eurostat currently estimates that one third of the Greek populace is at risk of poverty.)  Selling the Greek electorate a false narrative in order to be elected was a heinous act of political self-serving.  How many versions of the lie will the Greeks believe?  None when hunger hugs the land.  This is a serious battle of scripts and authenticities.  It will be interesting to see what and who prevails.  But the end, without compromises, could be ugly.   A modern Sophocles will write yet another Greek tragedy.

The Greeks lament the loss of the Elgin Marbles.  They may have to sell the Parthenon itself next.  And that’s just the start.




One thought on “The Greek Debt Crisis

  1. Your juxtaposition of the authentic realities of hunger against the disingenuous bluff of political expediency reveals the essence of the tragedy. The electorate wants to believe(The Matrix Metaphor as you noted) and the politically astute deliver. The weakness is assessed. The blow delivered. Who’s to blame? The politicians who read correctly the desires of their electorate; or, the electorate, who hoist their champions into power, hearing what they want to hear. It’s a stark and honest piece. Thank you.


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