America 2.0 / Trump and Beyond

America is in despair over the direction of the country.  Vast numbers of voters are looking for the person to answer those perceived needs.  With the very best intentions, however, they are faced with several flawed candidates: Sanders, Trump and Carson.  Each reflects the concerns and outrage that disaffected voters are looking to cure.  But is it a search too early?

America is tired of the professional politician…….the person who runs for and wins class president, and then the local municipals, and then state and finally federal office.  They learn how to campaign and how to function within the game of political survival.  It’s become an inbred breed prone to caricature.

The voters are looking beyond the professional politician to cure the DC malaise.  Can any of these three be elected, and if elected govern?  Without deciding here who gets what, I conjecture that these three are only the beginning of a longer and hopeful trend.  In the founding of the republic our political leaders came from all walks of life.  There was no incubator of politics to hatch them.  We may be on our way to replicating that.  Maybe now and in the new future, someone comes out of commerce, medicine or science to serve in Washington for a term or two then moves on.  They are there to serve and execute, not to seek endless re-elections and create a fiefdom till cushy retirement.

There was a brief time in more recent history when this was tried.  JFK tried to bring to Washington “the best and the brightest”.  It was to some extent hype, but it did bring businessmen, McNamara for example, and other non bureaucrats to JFK’s administration.  It began with high hope for freshness and execution.  It probably did not last long enough to prove its mettle.  We may see this tried again not at the behest of the president-elect but the voters themselves.

Will the voters first bring in a Trump, for example. Then as subsequent elections, state and national, proceed in successive years, they again vote out the incumbent “professionals” that accomplish little but feathering their own nests, and elect men and women who vow to accomplish something and then leave, and let others come with yet new ideas and goals.

Can this incipient process transform America?  Can we replace the professional politician who plays at seeming to govern, with real people who go to Washington and come together to get things done for the sake of the country and not the party and vested interests?  That evolution may take several elections.  And in that process we may also get even better candidates.  But right now, we have only a few who seem to be willing to stand outside the Washington Beltway and promise to serve the greater public.  It may be a rough early ride, but the impetus and direction is a healthy one.  The current and old system seems obsolete and sclerotic.  The new is energized but rough around the edges. 

Maybe we have to tolerate the first stumbling steps of non-political newcomers.  Maybe if you don’t know the “rules” of Washington and political parties, a group of fresh minds can coalesce around simple and sensible goals that are then passed into functioning laws forthwith.  We need some practical alacrity.  There is too much “perceived” process that is assumed to be incumbent upon politicians and the political process.  Enough of all that!  Let’s get beyond the simulacrum of governing and get to actually real governing with real ends in mind.  Current politicians love “the process”.  All the time it takes is only a favor to them.  In business, taking all that time is often fatal.  The moment passes and you are obsolete.  If what you try doesn’t work, trash it and try something else.  Get on with it.

The population is not looking for mistake free, perfect government.  We want well intended effort and action.  Change the tax code, build the pipelines, fix the banks, fix the roads, get government out of the way of the people, stop the Medicare and SS fraud (and all the other fraudulence) that steals money from the people.  Just do it!  Get it done!  Act on it!  Cooperate for the good of all!  If the first choice doesn’t fix it, enhance it or try something else.

Sometimes you have to send someone into the game who doesn’t know the rules, or chooses not to obey the rules, in order to freshen the process.  Science does it all the time.  Outside the box is often where the solution lies.  Politics, Washington needs that injection of outsiders.  We have a few now.  More to come I hope.  The current crop have ample time to hone their ideas, their message and their style.  This is the beginning of a new source pool.  I am hopeful.



4 thoughts on “America 2.0 / Trump and Beyond

  1. Yes, I agree! It is a hopeful time to see something new and old patterns not being embraced. What you say is indeed what change is made of. Weather Trump, Carson or Sanders make it to the finish line is hard to say; but they are definitely shaking things up and making the politicians act outside their Status Quo. Luckily the polls show that the masses agree with this “new wave” which is encouraging. So often the beginnings of real change are not embraced because the public is apathetic or ” polls and numbers don’t support it.” For once there is a cohesive movement by the American public that is showing the world that we are indeed ready for change and not the kind that was a false promise on Obama’s bumper sticker.


    1. On today’s Meet the Press, Dr. Carson spoke of these very issues. He pointed out that the constitution was written for the common man, not lawyers; that public service was for the common man with common sense not professional politicians. I agree with him and you that we are on a right road here. I hope it leads us to a new kind of leader and effectiveness.


  2. Great entry L.L.!

    I particulary like the comparison to the Kennedy administration; it was a formula that should have worked but turned out to be disastrous. Jimmy Carter had the same problems leading the Country and bringing it back. Although, as you mention some of the new candidates may not understand or know the political rules….. Can Trump honestly lead the Country through the complex political maze we see today? Will Jeb Bush ever be able to address the World without being second guessed?

    The recent congressional hearings regarding Benghazi and Hilary Clinton leave every American worried how she would lead our country in time of crisis. Bernie Sanders brings the same uncomfortable feeling and his desire to condem people for achieving the American Dream is troubling.

    I agree that this is the beginning of a new source pool but how creative is this pool? John F. Kennedy and his brother actually brought new ideas to Washington. Unfortunately, many of those ideas never were achieved before his death but he arguably brought about change in Washington. I just hope that the NEW minds,who ever they end up being, can live up to the task.


    1. Your last paragraph is spot on! A new source pool…..yes. Both JFK and RFK were hopes cut off short. One of these Republican outsiders might not be the best first choice, but they might start a welcome trend. Maybe they surround themselves with those better than them. We need dramatic fresh blood…but you are right….Trump, et al do not inspire complete confidence. Is there another dark horse out there?


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