Summation 1

Between the approx. 60+ blog posts here, and the references to my book,”see my book” I think the issues herein have been given a clear and thorough examination. Thus it seems to me it is a time to wrap these topics up and conclude this particular blog. A new theme for the future is in order. But to wind this theme up, I would like to write this one final post on the issues themselves, and then use the next five to ten posts to do a summation of the threads we have examined here.

This last post on the idea of life as theater and all that surrounds are scripts by others, could not be complete without observing this most recent example.

Donald Trump was in San Diego on Friday May 27. His tour of speaking engagements have been haunted by demonstrators and some mayhem. The local San Diego paper, the Union Tribune, wrote this front page headline on that day. “SOME ARRESTS AT RALLIES MAY BE SCRIPTED” Then the article that follows begins, “If arrests are made at today’s Donald Trump rally, watch carefully. What looks like chaos may be choreography. Getting arrested can be a powerful demonstration of commitment….some are the results of advance negotiations. Police and protestors often confer before marches and rallies, discussing everything from the time and location of the protest to….how and when people will be arrested. They come to us and say, “These individuals are going to do this, and we understand when they do this you are going to arrest them”, said San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman. “A lot of times, they designate a person or persons to be arrested.”

Life as Theater, dear readers. Scripted events for television digestion. As we already know, many if not most of these demonstrators are paid. They are “actors” for hire. Street Theater as political advertisements. There are “aggregators” who will hire and perform a demonstration of your desired object complete with posters from either side of the political spectrum.

The regular readers of this blog can see and understand the simulacrum, the reality that isn’t, at work here. We can see the script. We know the reasons why. That is why I think it time to move to some concluding blogs. The lessons are learned. The readers educated. But I couldn’t help but post this one last narrative that so aptly demonstrates what we have been talking of for these now many months in these now many postings. Thank you for reading.



2 thoughts on “Summation 1

  1. Thanks to your Blog and your book. I feel gratitude to you for opening my eyes to the many staged and scripted plays at work all around us. Before I read your blog and book, I too was often fooled that such theatrics were actually real. It is hard to tell unless one is educated; which thanks to you, I feel I have been. We so easily become like ants or lemurs just marching through life without really thinking “outside the box” or examining things that are happening around us for their authenticity. I think some of it is unintentional laziness. I so often see people just sticking to their beliefs no matter what; essentially because they are too lazy to examine their own authenticity for fear of finding it a fake. i.e.- “Im a Democrat or I’m a I believe in this or that.” It seems so ridiculous and easy. Thanks to your many thoughtful, inquisitive, challenging and very much one of a kind prose I thank you for opening my eyes and making me a smarter and better citizen and person. I do hope you keep writing anyway because every time I read your writings I feel one step closer to being an authentic and better person. Thank you for all your genius.. keep writing!


    1. Thank you, A.S., for being a keen and persistent reader of my blog. You are so kind to confirm that my blog posts and book have provided insights and ideas that have given you a clearer and more authentic understanding of the world around us both. As I wind down this particular blog I hope to bring the edges in and frame the big picture….and that will add to your pleasure and tie a bow around the journey. I do indeed hope to have a new blog and a different theme soon again. Though this summation may take longer than I anticipate. Ideas keep stringing themselves together.


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