Play the Trump card

This blog has sustained the search for personal Authenticity for many months now. Further it has shown how difficult that is in the face of cultural efforts to mold you into some corporate or political self that is not you. Scriptwriters abound who wish to dictate your persona. But much of that is dwarfed by the scope and scale of “scripting” by the New World Order of the Democratic Party and the Clinton machine.

That reprise is preamble to a blog post about this election that we are all besieged by. Americans live in the naive belief that their freedoms can never be taken away.  They believe that some form of political coup is impossible in a country that so cherishes a history of openness and freedom. That coup is in progress and this election may well be the final chapter.

The Clinton machine and her Uber Left Party believe in the absolute opposite of personal freedom and authenticity. They believe in social engineering. They believe that a central government knows how best to control and engineer people into a liberal mold within which people should exist and behave. The pursuit of individual authenticity is impossible.  They hold in disdain the public’s capacity for authentic and personal actions.  (see the hacked emails that reveal their disdain for religion, for public vs private positions on the issues, for the “deplorables”) Authenticity within the Left can only be found in adherence to its social engineering principles of conformity and dependence.

To achieve this leftist goal, certain steps had to precede it.  First, one must take over the education system.  That has been done.  Teacher’s unions control the public schools.  The unions support the Democratic Party thus the DP controls the schools.  They teach the kindergartners and elementary students the feel good processes of protecting the environment, diversity of people, classmates with two dads or two moms, etc.  The pupils are defenseless.  The indoctrination gets more subtle and specific in later grades as political correct thinking is imbedded, and history is told by Howard Zinn.  By college these students are so fragile they cannot cope.  They have been infantilized.  They recoil from bad words, and must be warned of “micro-aggressions”.  The repeated evidence at college campuses wherein speakers who threaten to speak of ideas anathema to their liberal biases are banned from campus.  Their professors and administrators are enablers.  Is free speech a touchstone of American freedom?  Have the colleges eradicated that among their students?  Yes.  Their job is done. The education of the new world order is complete.  And in the future they promise to keep giving it for free.  How else do you control and indoctrinate your young?

Next, like any true revolutionary group, you must seize the radio and tv stations so you control the news.  You already know that has been accomplished.  The Left controls 90% of all forms of media.  Never has that been made more clear than by this very election cycle.

A robust economy of middle class earners is anathema to controlling a society.  Dependency is essential.  Food stamps are preferable to a good income.  All eyes and needs should be looking to the government for solution and filling.  Proof that this has been accomplished among the young was evident in millennial love for Uber Left Socialist Bernie Sanders.  They are the first complete generation of leftist zombies who have been sold the Kool-Aid that mommy and daddy government knows best.  They have gone from helicopter parents to helicopter government.  The nanny state is their Nirvana.  Once again college education has done its job.

Healthcare.  How better to create the need for the nanny state than to teach the young that their very health and welfare, their escape from death and disease will come from the generous hand of government.  Universal healthcare is the ultimate umbilical.

Having a needy electorate is important.  But some of that electorate will self-succeed and prove independent in spite of the nanny state.  Thus you need ever more needy recruits.  Thus open borders.  Almost all new immigrants vote democratic.  It’s the party that enables them, welcomes them, gives them things and seeks to keep them dependent as long as possible in order to capture their vote.  Immigrants are the endless procession of new and Democratic voters.

(A moment here to trumpet the one visionary who has seen the coup coming and even make the case that is has already occurred.  Dennis Miller is listed as a comedian by the press as a way of diminishing him.  He is the finest social satirist since Swift.  He is hilariously funny if you can keep up with his speed, and deeply incisive in his thought and analysis.  Catch him as you can on Fox or on tour.)

I could go on, but I think you get it by now.  The Republican Party used to be the polar opposite, believing in the individual, self-assertion, hard work and private success.  But that party is in shambles.  Mostly due to protecting itself in a suicidal attempt to guard its turf and power.  Along came Trump.

I am no apologist for Trump.  He maddens me as he does most other anti-left voters.  As of this day, he has even jettisoned his party stalwarts.  He is closer to an independent than Stein and Johnson.  But like it or not, he is your only hope to keeping the coup from being complete in 20 some days.  As maddening and erratic as he is, he only need accomplish a few basic things, if elected, to blunt the past and invigorate a better future.

He need not build the wall.  All he has to do is enforce the laws we have, and give power to those who attend to that.  End sanctuary cities and pay attention to the details of immigration.  Learn from the mistakes of Europe on refugees and slow up on this  process and proceed more cautiously.  Common sense, not zeal, commands this simple equation.

Repatriate all the corporate money overseas.  Bring it back by lowering the tax rate and demand that half of it be spent on job production and not kept on corporate balance sheets.  It will explode the economy into productivity.

Make constitutionalist appointments to the Supreme Court.

Continue his attack on the media until they recognize their  historical role of keeping EVERYBODY honest and their feet to the fire.

If he does no more than this, which he could do in the first hundred days, he will have been a success.  Its all domestic.  As for his overseas adventures, he can be held in check.  He will find tougher slogging when he tries to lower the deficit, curb spending, fix healthcare and social security.  Fix the tax code.  Reduce the national debt.

It’s the simple first 100 days of the above agenda that warrants DJT’s election.  He need do no more to end and reverse the coup and its attendant tentacles.  Just his continuous and ongoing attack on political correctness will get this country back on track. We need his madness in this quagmire.  Gentleness won’t do.  Nice cannot prevail.  Belligerence is in order.  The pillars of the coup are in deep granite.  A mighty push is in order.  Delicacy is not sufficient.  Brashness is called for.  We can settle down later.  The foundations of this near coup must be shaken.  The gentility of all those candidates left behind and rued by many was not up to the task at hand.  Riding roughshod over the coup is necessary before it becomes a coup de grace.

It will take a four year tantrum of the Trump variety to stamp out the roots of this near complete coup of American and personal freedom.  Trump tantrums are not a pretty sight.  They do not sit well with the delicate.  But nothing less will suffice.  The tap root of the coup is deep.  It has been long in coming.  It will not wither easily. Tectonic trembling must occur to rediscover our old bedrock.  A slightly crazy man is in order this time.  We need a stubborn mule that kicks.  We need a firestorm.  Exorcisms and purification rites are not pretty.   We can get back to  civility after the coup is crushed.

Vote on November 8 and PLAY THE TRUMP CARD !!






Obama’s Cuban Homage

President Obama, in his waning days, has chosen to pay homage to the last vestige of his youthful Alinsky dreams…..this island of two prisons, one, Obama’s own of less than a hundred political prisoners at Guantanamo which he seeks to close, and one, the entire island of 11 million Cubans, political prisoners all which he seeks to keep open.

He has gone to this island nation, giving it credence and visibility by his very presence which in sequence will lead to increased visitation and income that will accrue to the Castro regime and its repressive future. Obama has asked nothing from the regime in return for this largesse. Why has he done this?

To the discerning eye, this last and tiny piece of pure Communism is a cruel cartoon of its glorious hopeful beginnings. Its frozen decay is confirmation of the futility and illusions of the Marxist philosophy, the same philosophy that imbues the visions of America’s future in the minds of Obama and Sanders and Clinton and most professors. Every image shouts failure. Thousands of autos, none beyond the 50’s vintages show the sudden end to an economy after the Castro victory. This may be the main benefit of Obama’s visit…to highlight this museum of Marxist/Socialist failure. This is the life and social conditions that accompany all that “free stuff”.

Obama was bred in Marxism. His father was a Marxist. His Mother was a Marxist. His step-father was a Marxist. His mentors were all Marxists. His professors were prevalently Marxists. His friend Bill Ayers is a Marxist. His idol Saul Alinsky was a Marxist. From this milieu how does Obama escape being a Marxist? He was compelled against all logic to make this visit to Cuba. He had to stand as POTUS amidst this lost island of failed Marxist dreams. It was a personal pilgrimage. It was a compulsion. Every freedom minded exiled and non-exiled Cuban has to feel betrayed. Obama gave credence to their oppressors. Obama can give all the cant and rhetoric to cover his visit, but it was in fact no more than a memorial tour of his own shattered youthful dreams. Was he hoping to see where it all went wrong? Was he hoping to see some trace of authenticity, a smidgen of success where there is none? I hope all its failures give him pause. Enough with the socialist/Marxist dreams. They don’t work! Communism, socialism, Marxism are all simulacra of words. They do not work in reality! Enough! Enough!

But it is late for that. POTUS has already done his damage, and Hillary and Bernie threaten more. They still hold out these failed dreams to the electorate. To bend the words of Ozamandias to these images of Cuba, “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.”


Bernie’s Illusional Gift to the Young

Bernie Sanders galvanizes the young. This seems amazing to many. I will explore one thread here that may make his appeal clearer.

I share one biographical fact to help persuade on the point I make. I taught for many years and at one point in a major university. I was rather shocked in my first year there to find that many of the faculty and the authors of various textbooks were admitted Marxists. We generally accept that the faculties of most colleges and universities are liberal and left leaning in their politics. But living within that environment, attending department meetings and university inspired colloquiums, it soon became apparent that the left leaning was commonly at the very far left of the spectrum.

These are the cadres that have educated your young.

Now back to Bernie. He inspires the young with his antagonism to the wealthy and powerful, and his promise to breach that citadel and level the playing field making opportunity and wealth equally shared by all. His brand of socialism is not far off from communism. This is the same kind of social promise that was sold to the oppressed innocents in the 1900’s.

Back to the professors. Communism under the theories of Marx and Engels began as a promise to end class distinctions and warfare. It got a bad name under Stalin and the Cold War. After it crumbled, it was resurrected under the name Marxism to purge it of its awful realities in the Soviet Union and other oppressive regimes around the world. This Utopian version was once again taught in the universities as the new dream. Our young, our recent grads were taught Marxism and Socialism as the dream solution the same way that energized the disenfranchised when first proffered by Marx and Lenin. At that time no one conceived of the oppressive version, the version that simply didn’t work and couldn’t deliver the promises in the history that was about to unfold.

Bernie sells this same dreamy version of socialism/communism to the young who by virtue of their education by Marxist professors are ready-made for the moment. They’re too young to have lived through and seen the vicious tyrannical days of Communism…..the purges, the genocides, the millions of dead sacrificed to an idea that didn’t work. They equally don’t seem to notice that the great socialistic experiment in most European countries is no longer working there either.

That doesn’t stop Bernie. The American Great Recession plus all of the above has made our young population a ready embracer of the utopian dream that the older crowd knows doesn’t work. Bernie thrives on this innocence. Bernie thrives on this learned naiveté.

The sins of greed and capitalism were all too revealed in the mortgage crisis of 2008. That is a history the young lived. They deserve some slack for their revolutionary love of the Sanders’ solution. Subtleties do not prevail in presidential campaigns.

Marxist Socialism was sold as a dream in the early 1900’s. It is being sold again as a utopian dream to the young today. We must all work to bring the naiveté of the young up to a more mature currency. We must continue their education beyond their professors. This upcoming election is a chance to do just that.


Altruism Unleashed

Much has been written in recent biology about the possibility of a human altruism gene.  Seems humans, among a few other species, show repeated instances of actions taken that are not solely survival ones.  It is imputed in the research that humans contain, as part of their genome, the unique capacity of self-sacrifice and actions that solely benefit others.  The theory further suggests that this impulse is not just learned, but in fact quite intrinsic to human nature.

I would make the case that at this time in our evolution, perhaps altruism has become too much of a good thing.  The altruistic impulse gains its name when it occurs in the face of possible harmful or fatal consequences upon the perpetrator.  The soldier who throws himself upon the live grenade to save his comrades is the classic example.  But let’s look at less dramatic examples and in places where it is endemic, systematic and institutionalized.  Christianity and its tenets is a broad such example. Its efforts over history have provided much succor and gain.  But it also has its share of critics and reformers.

In the secular world, socialism, governmental paternalism, communism, and the social progressive movement in America are all institutional examples of the altruistic impulse.  In principle, it is every person cared for to the level of their needs.  No one should suffer a shortage of any need whether physical or emotional.  This is a noble enterprise.

Now, in order to accomplish this, a certain amount of money is required to access and bestow this fundamental care.  Depending on the scope and size of this need and the recipients, the monies needed can vary greatly.  Simple sustenance and bandages for 2 or 3 percent of the population may not be burdensome.  But when we get beyond mere sustenance and care for 10 or 20 or 30 percent of the population, you begin to talk about real money.

This spectrum of governmental altruism exists from pure amoral capitalism on one end and communism or tyranny on the other.  Various forms of socialism populate the middle.  Modern capitalism has shed its early “take it all and leave the hindmost” process.  It now seeks to care for its needy and helpless with various entitlements and safety nets.  Communism and tyranny have fallen from within because the people tired of the promise of equality that never came.  Socialism was the broader middle with a host of  different variations each seeking to serve the entire population with basic and modestly ambitious caregiving.  Socialism varied as it sat in the spectrum either closer to communism or closer to capitalism.

As a political process, socialism takes on more of the altruistic impulse than any other social system.  It seeks to fairly distribute to all citizens the same basic and comfortable expectations of one’s daily existence.  From food and shelter, to medicine and education, to finally old age and retirement.  A noble altruistic goal.  But just as communism fell from within, socialism is beginning to see its limits and the end to its natural evolution.  Greece today is the example of a failed socialistic state.  It has been too kind for too long.  And in their altruism, the other EU socialistic states have loaned Greece the money to keep up its socialistic process.  But Greece had runaway altruism.  It gave too much.  They gave into the worst appetites in us all.  Over the decades, the “basics” grew ever larger and demanding.  The revolution of rising expectations ruled.  Unions demanded.  Politicians self-served these demands in return for power and purse strings.

I believe the European Union is desperate to save Greece because it is the canary in the coal mine.  If it fails, the others will either follow or have to repudiate much of the socialistic dream.  In financial fact, Greece has long ago failed.  It has lived on loans for years.  Communism failed as the dominoes of the various communist empire began to fail and fall.  The Soviet Union was quickly undone.  A variety of stand alones in various financial condition survived.  The EU worries that it will be the next Soviet Union to dissolve into isolated pieces.

This same altruistic impulse is being played out in America under the tutelage of Pres. Obama.  His every program is an effort to redistribute the wealth in this country in a more equitable way.  It is a feel good impulse, intrinsic to our nature, admirable in effort…but prone to the same outcome as Greece.  The frequent flaw pointed out in socialism is that eventually, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, you run out of other peoples’ money to distribute.  Greece is a country of only 11 million people.  But they couldn’t generate and sustain an economy that could feed and shelter even 11 million to a middle class standard.  There was no longer an incentive to earn large money and then pay taxes on it sufficient to support the others.  People either didn’t seek to be high earners or sought to avoid their taxes sufficiently to scuttle the ideological dream of the socialistic state.

There is another altruistic impulse at work in the modern world.  The poor and war-riven states of the world have discovered America and Europe, particularly northern Europe.  The southern border of both America and Europe are assaulted daily by those who seek a better life in these two havens.  Their numbers grow ever larger and more intent.  They tax the already over-burdened economies of Europe, and given sufficient time and numbers will do the same to America.  But the sorrow and pity evoked by the sight of refugees on flotilla in the Mediterranean, the south seas, and at the fences of the Rio Grande invoke the very altruistic pity that is the topic of this essay.  But can we actually indulge our altruistic impulses without limit?  California seeks to provide all needs to any illegal without question, from basic food shelter and medicine, to education and jobs.  For how long and for how many can they do that?

I would further state that it is altruism that drives our environmental campaigns.  We seek to save ourselves and the earth from bad air, bad soil, bad water, bad food.  We seek to purify everything.  Another noble goal. Seeking the ephemeral goal of carbonless fuel sources has proven to be a wraith.  Europe has sought these goals since the 90’s; we in the 21st century.  In both histories we are beginning to see that these pursuits are economically unsound by huge margins.  Coal, gas and oil are vastly cheaper as a means to the end.  Solar, wind, etc. are so uneconomical that they must be seen in the same light as welfare and entitlement programs.  They are altruistically driven.  They make no sense economically.  Only government subsidies (same altruistic socialistic impulses) make them competitive.

Obamacare is the same altruistic impulse.  Yes, it gives health care to those who could not previously afford it, but at significant costs (more subsidies) to the general public and its taxed based government.

The altruistic impulse is a good one.  Perhaps even an innate one.  But some wisdom, some calibration must be brought to bear on it, otherwise it is self-destructive.  To lose one person to the grenade to save ten is good value.  To lose a nation, to be unable to feed all, in the endless effort to feed the ever coming hungry and needy must be given pause.  All of the above mentioned programs come from the same impulse, but eventually at too great a cost. Too many people clamoring to board the lifeboat dooms all.  Someone has to make sane and hard choices.  Otherwise we become a barren wasteland of cemeteries filled with both buried saints and buried supplicants.